CHANNEL2 KWGN Colorado’s Best Healthy & Creative Snack Segment!

I had such a great time yesterday sharing creative and healthy snack idea’s on Colorado’s Best. All recipes are superb fun and easy to do with the kids. Getting them involved in creating fun and healthy snacks is key in getting them excited about  eating fruits & veggies and snacks filled with protein, essential fats, vitamins, all the good stuff…  Check it out here

Boost Your Dessert: Chocolate banana


Cut bananas into squares and insert one end with a toothpick on parchment lined baking sheet and freeze for a few hours. Melt dark chocolate chips for polyphenols and antioxidants on low heat stirring constantly until completely melted. Dip frozen bananas in melted chocolate until fully covered then serve with a spoonful of Dark Chocolate Coconut or Espresso Hazelnut KOLAT to add even m…