CHANNEL2 KWGN Colorado’s Best Healthy & Creative Snack Segment!

I had such a great time yesterday sharing creative and healthy snack idea’s on Colorado’s Best. All recipes are superb fun and easy to do with the kids. Getting them involved in creating fun and healthy snacks is key in getting them excited about  eating fruits & veggies and snacks filled with protein, essential fats, vitamins, all the good stuff…  Check it out here

SNACKOLAT: 5 simple vitamin packed snacks to pack

These energizing, satisfying and nutritious KOLAT inspired snacks are simple to make and easy to pack for lunch. They also make for a great breakfast on the run and lunch box item for your kids. We know they wont eat what’s good for them if it tastes healthy. These sweet solutions will assure you that your little ones are getting the nutrients they need.

1. Stuffed dates with KOLAT Dark Choco…

An Apple & KOLAT a day….

One of the many reasons I love KOLAT is because it goes great with fruit, which not only encourages us to eat more of it but for those of us with blood sugar issues, eating fruit by itself may not always be the best thing. Pairing fruit with some protein and healthy fats makes for a well rounded treat.  One of my favorite ways to enjoy my daily boost is with an Apple. As great wine compliments a …