Lately really exciting things have been happening with the company and we were granted such an incredible opportunity to showcase the big reveal on channel 2 KWGN’s Daybreak recently! Watch here http://kwgn.com/2015/06/10/unique-2-colorado-products-4/ to see what’s been keeping us busy.

Not only did we launch with 5 amazing new flavors, which include 2 sunflower butters and a cashew chia line, we also went through a label re-design. And just to simplify things;) we decided to changed our name from KOLAT to Kalot to celebrate the notion that we offer ALOT more, to effectively reflect that we PACKALOT more nutrition & flavor than your average nut butter found on the shelf. Whew, well Im exhausted just thinking about it but it sure was worth it!  I hope you think so too!

We believe that you deserve ALOT more from what your getting from what you eat and out of life. We believe in being the best version of yourself. Be authentic. Be mindful. Be healthful. We aim to reflect this message into everything we do. Thats why we are always improving, never settling, always striving to do better. We rely on you, our fans to make sure we do so. We want to hear from you! Let us know what you think @kalotsuperfood on twitter, Instagram or on our Facebook page. Love to all our fans. We wouldn’t be here with out you!!



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