Here are some fun Kalot updates! Check out our recent Q & A with Accel Foods!

Keeping Up With Kalot

We continue our “Where Are They Now?” series with AccelFoods Class I graduate Kalot.

The Founder: Jess Weiswasser
Their Headquarters: Boulder, CO
Their Product: Fortified fruit and nut spread

The Scoop

Business Highlights

  • Year to date sales are up +100%
  • Total doors are up +150%
  • Recently secured best-in-class long term almond pricing to help manage gross margin in the headwinds of increasing almond costs and growing demand
  • Added key retailers, including The Fresh Market, Hy-vee, Schnucks and Heinen’s
  • Have expanded into new distributors, including Lomar and Haddon House
  • Completed a full package redesign and rename with introduction of five new SKUs
Almond Butters
           Sunflower Seed Butters                                      Cashew Butters
Marketing and PR
The Company has received tremendous press over the first half of 2015 including TV appearances in the Denver Area, local print outlets and national bloggers.



What was your biggest take away from working with the AccelFoods team?
It takes a village. As a solo entrepreneur, you can often feel isolated in what can be a daunting and consuming process. To know and to experience first hand that there is a team supporting you, taking risks with you, believing in you – and is available to you 24 hours a day – is priceless. AccelFoods worked with me to get an in-depth grasp of my business in order to implement the right infrastructure and processes, as well as to bring the right partners in, so that I could grow quickly and sustainably.

What was your favorite part of the AccelFoods platform?
The guidance received from the AccelFoods team; the network of extraordinarily knowledgeable industry people and the connections made with other brands and like-minded entrepreneurs. All start-ups make mistakes and need to have people helping them navigate challenging times. My partnership with AccelFoods offered me that.