Daily Dose of Inspiration: Aubrey Cook


“Go Daddy Go! Go Daddy Go!” was Aubrey’s chant as she would watch her father at cycling races at just two years old. Looking back, it must’ve been destiny that 20 years later she would rediscover the sport on her own and fall in love with triathlon. But let’s back it up a little bit.

Many professional athletes share childhood stories that highlight their desire to be the ultimate competitor and to win. Aubrey was a unique case. While other future athletes were competing in races already, Aubrey found herself between hobbies. When she wasn’t taking in nature by rock climbing and playing in the woods, she was starting petitions to free her 5th grade classroom’s pet salamanders.

Although she never played any organized sports, Aubrey joined her high school swim team and quickly excelled, making states all four years. As team captain her senior year, she set a Western Mass relay record. Those four years proved to be a pivotal experience for Aubrey, one that essentially laid the groundwork for her current triathlon goals.

Her unyielding drive is perhaps most evident in a story she recalls from her days in college. One day, Aubrey came home discouraged with her swim team’s lack of commitment. In response, Aubrey’s father took out his 1980’s Vitus bike (yes, complete with shifters on the down tube), instructing her to ride up the hill until she got tired, and at which point to turn around. After an hour of Aubrey not returning home, her father went out looking for her only to discover her at the top of a very long climb. That was it. She was hooked. Shortly after that first riding experience she entered and subsequently won for her age group in a local triathlon.

Aubrey eventually moved out to Colorado in search of her elite racing license.

I  know that I am a hard worker with a passion for what I do. I see now as my time to give it my all and see what I can really do. I am pretty grateful for people like Ali and Jess at KALOT who are willing to believe in my dreams and support me along the way.”        20140805_SpicyAubrey-_RLP0532

In 2014 her elite license dream became a reality. Now, new goals are in place as Aubrey prepares to enter her first season racing as a professional.

“I am so excited to take this next step, and it is because of local businesses like KALOT Superfoods that I am able to do what I love, feel good doing it and truly live a vibrantly healthy life”

We hope that you’ll take an interest in Aubrey’s journey as we have. Stay tuned!