As a nutritionist, I’ve even found it difficult to follow the advice I give to my clients. Seriously, who has the time to eat a perfect diet? That’s why I created KALOT—a nutrient-rich tasty treat that that can be seamlessly incorporated into your hectic routine. We simply PACKALOT more nutrition into our healthy blend of  fruit, nuts & spices, naturally full of  antioxidants, essential minerals, healthy fats, and phytonutrients. We then add 50% of the Recommended Daily Value of vitamins per serving, so that your mind & body can thrive! An all-natural treat with no added sugar, made with just real fruit for great taste and vibrant energy. SNACKALOT  with fruit, oatmeal, yogurt,  sandwiches, smoothies, in baked goods or by the spoonful. With KALOT the possibilities are endless, turning any ordinary snack into a more nutritious & delicious one. With so many ways to get your daily boost, we make the vibrant health you crave attainable & enjoyable. THINKALOT for optimal well-being!


KALOT Defined:

1. To add delicious nutritiousness

2. Turning the ordinary into EXTRA-ordinary



We are on a mission to unleash your potential by making the vibrant health you crave attainable & enjoyable.





adversity can either destroy you or make you extraordinary, choose the latter;
embrace what makes you unique for that is where your power lies;
always strive for a better you, a better earth, a better world

take risks and find comfort in the discomfort, for this is the only way you grow

don’t let others stop you from living your truth;
don’t waste your time worrying what others will think of you, most likely they too, are more concerned with what others are thinking of them

toward yourself and others–compassion does not mean you agree with or condone certain behaviors, it simply means you are choosing to not fight with what is. Remember to resist is to persist!

to different ways of viewing the world;
to viewing yourself in a new light–how you think of yourself is just a thought and thoughts can be changed in an instant;
to exploring your deepest desires, giving yourself the freedom to live a life of authenticity

don’t strive for perfection, rather wholeness, what you view as imperfections are often what people most love about you

feel & express gratitude often–remember there is always someone that has it worse than you;
life is precious, each breath is a gift

all is perfect as it is, everything happens in its own time when the conditions are right, trust in this;
of yourself, you are capable of handling anything that comes your way;
of life–happiness does not depend on anything outside of yourself

seek knowledge, seek truth;
view others as if they were a gift, waiting to be discovered and listen intently

never settle, never give up, setbacks are just a universal test to see how badly you truly want it and how far you are willing to go to make it happen;
success comes to those who are willing to fail many times & adjust their strategy along the way;
when told you cannot, let that be a driving force to prove that you can; have an unshakable belief in yourself

the moment is all we are ever promised; how we view our past is dependent upon our perspective and how we view the future determines the outcome no matter how painful you feel in the moment, know this too shall pass

from the limitations others may put on you;
from the conditioned unconscious destructive thoughts and beliefs of your own mind

of yourself, your mistakes are how you learn;
of others, 99% of the time it’s not personal

be a force to be reckoned with, stand firm in your truth;
always know that no one will treat you worse than you treat yourself, for if they did you would walk away; choose to love yourself and then watch how things shift

of who you are, what you’ve been through, where you come from;
we were all given a unique set of circumstances that serve our greatest good

dream big, you have the power to create what ever it is you truly desire;
do the impossible and when you are told it is, know that there is always a way, it just hasn’t been done yet;
be the exception, be a visionary, be a pioneer



Jessica Weiswasser, M.A. is a nutritionist who lives in Colorado. She has a masters degree in Holistic Health Education with an emphasis in Holistic Nutrition. She is board certified in holistic nutrition and a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. When she is not obsessing over feeding you better food, she can often be found hiking the rockies with her favorite four legged companion Iggy, but then again that is where many of her inspirations come from. So I guess she’s kind of always obsessing….